Everything begins with an idea, an experience, a word, a texture…

The five senses intensify in order to perceive what is created unconsciously in our design team’s minds.

Our design department gathers the origin, the beginning and the emerging creation to develop mosaics that fulfill your wishes and create harmonious and aesthetically complete environments.

Our creations express your ideas. This is the reason why you are such an important part of the development.

A drawing, a color, a piece of music are details that provide the opportunity to create mosaics that never go unnoticed.


This is the transferring of inspiration to geometry, shaping an idea by using the required elements and the specific parameters for every project. All these elements belong to a conscientious and nuanced task, whose fascinating evolution leads to the geometrical basis of our job.
The design criteria are rigorous and accurate, and its application is carefully supervised. This is the only way to materialize something as specific and unique as a mental image. Technical language takes the challenge of capturing emotions, since the result can only be achieved by means of creativity and sensitivity.


The added value of the work made under the prism of tradition, manufacture and handicraft is hard to quantify.
The exclusive pieces talk about us and the importance we attach to time and to human experience, because such subtlety can only be offered by skilled and practiced hands.